Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Transition to Home

Here's a photo of Alex on our couch on one of his first days home. He's wearing a cute new outfit he received as a gift.

Here's a series of photos taken at breakfast after we got his new booster seat. Alex loves to make faces.

We've been home for one month now already. It's amazing. Coming home was harder than I imagined. We had fallen into a nice pattern of sleeping well and waking up happy by end of our stay in Vietnam. Upon returning home we quickly felt sleep deprived. Alex woke up 3-4 times per night. Hung's cough got better, but I started coughing and losing my voice. When my voice returned, Hung started coughing again - this time with a fever. Between the jetlag and the illnesses and Alex's adjustment to a new place, new climate, new time zone, new everything and our adjustment to being parents while living everyday lives at home, we were all exhausted. Week three was much better for sleeping. After we got Alex a Baby In a Bag sleeping sack he started sleeping through the night. We suspect he was kicking off the blankets in his sleep and waking up cold. Once we were getting a solid night's sleep, I felt like I could get a few things done during nap time. I've slowly been catching up on all kinds of little tasks and today is the day to post some more photos and blog notes. Week four Alex was waking up at night again and fighting nap time. We suspect teething pain was the main cause. This week we've started off sleeping pretty well.

When he's well-rested and getting what he wants, Alex is a very happy kid. Smiles and laughter regularly fill our house. When one of us has been gone for a while, whether out of the house or just downstairs, he shrieks with glee and his face lights up in a huge grin as he dashes to greet the returned parent. It's very sweet to come home to that greeting. I've always appreciated the cat's greeting at the door, but this is way better.