Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Alex's habits and activities

Thursday, November 6th
Life with Alex keeps getting better and better. He still wakes up crying at night sometimes, but being in an elevator or a car or a hotel room is no longer grounds for tears. Tuesday was the first time he got up in the morning without crying and the trend continued Wednesday and today. He likes to engage us constantly, whether it's walking back and forth carrying things to us, or beeping noses, or blinking/winking at each other. He loves the telephone and is constantly picking up the receiver to listen to the dial tone. In the lobby he always looks up when the phone at the front desk rings. In the lobby his favorite game is picking up the tabletop cocktail promotion, pulling the paper out of its base, and handing it to us to reassemble. The doorman got in on the game too, and added another dimension by placing the placard in harder to reach places for Alex to retrieve. At mealtimes he wants to keep his hands busy and really wants to imitate Mom and Dad with our utensils. He tries to feed himself in between the bites I feed him, but not much makes it to his mouth when he's wielding the spoon/fork. He loves to help me stir his soup or congee to cool it off. He's been really good at mealtimes, especially if he's hungry and not too tired. Breakfasts are the best. Dinners are much more challenging. He's much more squirrelly then and we have to work hard to keep him engaged while we try to make sure that we get fed too. He eats most foods we offer him, but he likes yogurt best. If we start off feeding him yogurt, he wants nothing but more yogurt. So we usually start off with soup or congee, then fruit or bits of meat/rice/bread, and save the yogurt for last. He always has room for yogurt. He still cries for his bottle several times a day, especially at nap time and bed time. He seems to rely on the bottle as a pacifier and will continue to suck on it long after it is empty. He refuses to take a regular pacifier.

The second photo is the view from the 11th floor breakfast room at our hotel.

Last night Alex was laughing and playing so hard in bed that he didn't want to go to sleep. It started out with me moving his legs in the game my parents played about the dog walking, running, then jumping over the fence into the yard. Then we had some belly kisses and laughs. We also had lots of rolling around and tossing himself into the pillows. He also started to practice talking. He's been a very quiet kid, but last night he was saying "Ba, ba, ba" over and over again. He's also working on "hi" and a couple of times he said "ow, wow." It was so much fun to hear him laughing so much. After a while we wished he would settle down and sleep, but it was worth it to experience him in this new, joyful, state of being.

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  1. Wow! I'm amazed you remember the kuttsu läks karja, lonka,lonka.. game! What a fun report.