Thursday, October 23, 2008

Korean Air

Here we go! We're on our way! We left home early Tuesday morning and arrived in Saigon late on Wednesday night -checked into the hotel around midnight. We flew one hour to Chicago, 13 hrs to Seoul, and 5 hrs to Saigon. Long, long, long! There's no other word for it. But Korean Air made the long trip as comfortable as possible. The seats were the roomiest coach seats we've ever had. Each seat had its own TV screen with multimedia library of movies, TV programs, maps, & music. I watched four movies on the flight to Korea, two Korean films and two American ones. At mealtime the choice was "beef or Korean food." Hung and I both opted to try Korean food. When in Rome..., right? It was delicious. It came with a printed instruction card including photos explaining how to combine the various elements of the dish. Even the name of it was fun - "bibimbap."

At Incheon airport in Korea we found a cultural activity area where foreigners are invited to try traditional Korean crafts. Hung & I did a decoupage type paper craft where we pasted mulberry paper onto a decorative tray using rice glue. It was a nice, relaxing diversion.

There are quite a few families with young children travelling on Korean Air. In Seoul there's a playground next to the gate where our flight left. I imagine we'll spend time there with Alex on the way home.

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