Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sunday, October 26th

We hadn't exactly planned it, but today turned into a shopping day and it was fun. Karen and Rosemary stopped by after breakfast and we went out together. After changing money in preparation for tomorrow's trip to Ben Tre, we shopped for souvenirs, gifts, and snacks at Ben Thanh Market and the Tax Center downtown. It was a hot and sunny day. After shopping we checked out the Notre Dame Cathedral and had lunch at one of the restaurants near the Reunification Palace that Trang had recommended. We were relieved to sit in a cool, comfortable place after walking around in the hot sun. Soon after we got back to the hotel it started to rain. Perfect timing!

Di Ba Phuong called and said she'd like to accompany us to Ben Tre. She won't be allowed to visit the orphanage, but she's coming along for the trip. Tomorrow we get to meet out son!

Tonight we're meeting Uncle Hong and Nga for pho.


  1. Hi Siiri- What a pleasure for us to follow along and read about your adventures. Dam Sen Park was the first outing I took Kiley on (back then, we weren't allowed to take the kids out of the hotel) and seeing the picture of you there brought back great memories. Loved the pictures of you all and Karin and her mom. Also loved the feast you were served by your relatives, it sounds wonderful!
    I hope you can get your G&R scheduled for Tuesday like Karin. You might remember our trials with this on our trip! I am always an email away if you need to communicate ( Can't wait to hear your next installment, after you have met Alex. Having 5 days with Macy before our G&R was very beneficial for her I think, gave her some very important adjustment time.
    Stay well, please keep blogging, it is a treat for all of us!
    Best wishes,
    Margaret- Mom to Kiley and Macy

  2. Hi Siiri! Wow, what a trip! Here it is snowing, cold and windy, but the scenes of you in shorts and sandals are helping us stay warm.
    Thank you for the many photos and for the terrific journaling with the very detailed descriptions!
    We are excitedly looking forward to a photo of you with our grandson very soon.
    Say hi to Hung's relatives for us.
    Love, Mom and Dad